How the Juventus comeback from relegation to Serie A is possible

The Juventus comeback is possible thanks to a tactical change by coach Claudio Ranieri that is creating a new type of threat for the hosts.

It’s been almost six months since the Bianconeri made the quarter-finals of the Champions League, but they have managed to make the last four of their five group matches, winning all but one of them.

In a team that has struggled with form in recent months, Ranieri has managed to create a new threat that has the potential to win games. 

Ranieri has been the first choice in the centre of the pitch and he has played an influential role in his side’s recent success.

The Bianconeria’s recent form has been hampered by a string of injuries, but the coach has managed his team through that period.

He has had to adapt his game plan for the new season after the arrival of Diego Simeone, and he knows how to exploit the strengths of his players.

The most important aspect of that has been a change in approach.

In recent years, Juventus have been a team who would win any game with a defensive structure. 

This season, they have been much more defensive, playing a 4-3-3 and attacking with a 4