How to find a car maintenance job in Southern Australia

By Mark BardenSource Business Insider  When Mark Bardon moved to the Australian capital from London in 2009, he was looking for work in the automotive sector.

He had no idea how much it would cost.

“I was working in the car industry for a few years and when I moved here I thought ‘this is crazy’,” he says.

“So I said ‘okay, I’m going to do this’.”

I’ve got a very good work ethic, so I had this idea of going for it.

“For many young people, the idea of moving to Australia to work in a car dealership is the ultimate dream.

Bardon was surprised to find that he was able to land a job with Southern Australia’s Car Maintenance Centre. “

I went to university and got a degree in business management,” he says, “but I didn’t really think about the job market because I had no clue how it was going to work out.”

Bardon was surprised to find that he was able to land a job with Southern Australia’s Car Maintenance Centre.

When he moved to Sydney, he thought it would be a long time before he got a second chance.

But his first job in the new city came as a surprise.

“It was just amazing, it was just like a dream come true,” he laughs.

“And then I started looking around, I thought: this is going to be really easy.”

Bardon started looking for jobs in the field, and eventually decided to try and work with car maintenance firms in Melbourne.

For the first time in his life, he found himself in a position where he could make a living, but also earn a lot of money.

“The car maintenance business is the fastest growing sector in Australia,” says Chris Dickson, CEO of Southern Australia Car Maintenance, the company that Bardon started working with.

Dickson is happy to see his clientele growing, but he’s also pleased to see the industry getting a lot bigger.

“We’re getting a little bit older now, so we’re getting into the age group of our customers,” he explains.

Car maintenance is a growing industry in Australia and, according to Dickson and the company’s senior management, the demand is going up.

In Melbourne, Bardon has been able to meet with car repair companies across the city, and he’s made a lot more connections in the industry than he would have in the past.

The industry has become so competitive that the company is now looking for people to come in to fill key positions.

According to Dison, the job-seekers have been looking for a lot longer than the job opportunities that have been available for the past 10 years.

This is partly because the market has grown, with people looking for more opportunities in the UK and the US, Dickson explains.

“But it’s also because the car maintenance industry is booming,” he adds.

With more opportunities opening up, and more people looking to make a career out of the profession, there are also more opportunities for young people to take on these roles.

Some car owners are looking to open up their own car maintenance company, and some are looking for opportunities to open car repair facilities.

So why is car maintenance so important?

“The industry is very much about providing quality service, and it is also about increasing the demand for our vehicles,” says Dickson.

He says that the industry is looking to hire drivers, technicians and other car owners to help them meet the increasing demand for car maintenance services.

There are also a number of other car maintenance companies in Melbourne, including the Car Maintenance Department, which provides car maintenance service in Victoria.

But it may be more difficult for people who don’t have a degree to enter the industry, because it’s not as easy as you might think.

Many car maintenance jobs are unpaid, and many of them require a high level of experience.

That means that even if you have a high degree in a field like automotive engineering, you might not be able to get a job if you want to be a car mechanic.

“You might have to take a higher-level job and have more experience than people with a degree, because the industry needs to hire people,” explains Dickson .

“And that means a lot to the car manufacturer.”

For many, the only way to get ahead in the business is to learn as much as possible, and this can be quite expensive.

If you’re looking to get into car maintenance, you may be interested in our guide to finding a car-related job in Sydney.