Maintenance day care for toddlers is more than just a hassle

An Ottawa toddler will get a lot of attention this week, but he’ll also need a little help getting around.

The city is putting together a pilot project to make day care accessible for toddlers.

It’s a one-off project that will be run in Ottawa and across the country, said Coun.

David Shoveller.

There will be a team of six volunteers who will be helping with the daycare, he said.

They’ll be doing housekeeping, picking up trash, cleaning up and other activities.

Shoveller says he has a lot to thank the city for putting this effort together.

It will be the first time for a family to have access to a daycare for their kids.

The city has been working to get more parents to take part in the pilot program, he added.

Shaveller says that the city is doing a lot more to get parents to become involved in the program.