How to build a robot car with a human engineer

This article originally appeared on New Scientist. 

The robot car project aims to build the world’s first self-driving car that will take over all manual driving tasks. 

This means the robot will only be driving if the human driver can perform the job. 

What’s more, the car will be capable of doing so, too. 

It will be able to drive autonomously on its own without a human in the car, which will mean that the car’s driving capabilities can be improved with the help of human drivers.

The project, called Mapping Robots, is funded by the German company Rethink Robotics. 

“Rethink was initially founded by an Italian engineer who wanted to build self-driven cars,” said the company in a press release. 

Mapping Robots aims to develop a prototype of a self-balancing robot car, and the company is currently developing the software needed to do so. 

As part of this effort, the robot car is being built by a team of about 200 people, led by German robotics expert Michael Lutz. 

Rethank is working with a consortium of universities, companies, and governments to build this project. 

Researchers are currently in the final stages of developing the code for this car. 

A prototype of the car is set to be driven on a test track in Germany, which is expected to be finished later this year. 

While the Mapping Robotic Car project has received much press attention, this isn’t the first time that the robotics industry has looked to build robotic cars. 

In October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company has been working on a self driving car for a few years, and this latest project will hopefully lead to a similar future. 

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