Nissan wants to make car maintenance more affordable for commuters

Nissan wants its drivers to pay more attention to maintenance as they get older.

In Japan, the country with the highest car ownership rates, there are a range of ways to ensure your vehicle is up to scratch, and Nissan is one of the first to introduce a new maintenance card.

The Nissan Care Card will cost £3.50 to add to your current car maintenance package, and it comes with a monthly payment plan.

To get the latest information about the card, read our Nissan Carecard guide.

Nissans newest card will be available from the end of this year.

As Nissan’s global sales continue to grow, so will the number of people who rely on its vehicles to make ends meet.

This year Nissan is also introducing a range a number of new services to help drivers improve their health.

Nissan’s Care Card is the first car maintenance card to feature an interactive video guide and will be in stores from September.

It will help drivers to find the right vehicle maintenance plan, whether they’re buying a new car, or a car that’s been running for a while.

NISSAN CAR CARE CARD The Nissan CARE card features a video guide that will help you find the perfect car maintenance plan for your needs.

This card comes with an interactive guide that lets you: Understand the difference between car maintenance and maintenance service, which can vary by country