Mazdas car maintenance table

New Mazdans car maintenance tables, including a breakdown of costs for car maintenance, have been released.

The tables were posted on a website that is popular with car owners.

The table includes the costs for petrol, diesel and hybrid fuel, electric motors, battery replacements and spare parts, while the cost of parts such as seats, mirrors, dashboard and brake pads are included.

The costs for maintenance includes the repair of minor maintenance issues such as oil, brake fluid and tire pressure, and is also included for major problems such as brake failure, oil leak or brake failure.

Mazda has made a few changes to the table this time, including the addition of an extra charge of 1,000 rupees for a minor issue.

According to the car maintenance cost breakdown, the cost for maintenance on a Mazda 6 starts at 1,900 rupees, while a Mazda 7 starts at 3,500 rupees.

The cost for a Mazda 5 starts at 2,500, and a Mazda 3 starts at 5,000.

The maintenance charge is 1,500 per month.

Other than the cost, the table also has a breakdown on the repair rate, which has been updated from 50 per cent to 70 per cent.

It also shows the total number of repairs done per month for the car.

Source: MazdaSource: Car Maintenance TableMazdas service guideThe service guide on Mazda’s website provides a breakdown and cost of services.

It says that the cost per km driven is Rs 6,100, the amount of fuel used is Rs 2,000 and the price of a new car is Rs 10,000, which covers the cost and maintenance of a single car.

The service guide also includes a list of the most popular maintenance areas, including gas, air conditioning, lights, wipers and parking sensors.

Here’s a breakdown for a typical maintenance run for a 2016 Mazda 6:  Fuel Consumption: 3,600 L/100km (1,500 L/km/100 miles) Fuel Consumption: 4,400 L/ 100km (2,500 l/km / 100 miles) Air Conditioning: 4.5 L/min (0.75 L/mi) Air conditioner: 2.5L/min, 5L/ min (1.25 L/amp) Brake: 2L/lb (1 L/kg) Brakes: 2,700-3,300RPM (2.5-3.6 L/minute) Transmission: 6L/minute (3 L/mile) Steering: 6,000RPM Steering Assist: 2-3L/mile (3.5 miles) Braking: 2WD: 3L/mph (3 miles) Rear-Wheel Drive: 5L (4 miles) Transmission/Powertrain: 6C (5 miles), 7C (7 miles), 8C (9 miles) Electric Drive: 8,000HP (9.7kW) Powertrain/Engine: 2C (8 miles), 4C (10 miles) Front Wheel Drive: 6HP (10.7KW) Transmission (Powertrain) : 6.0L (12 miles) 6.5C (14 miles) 5.7L (19 miles) 4.9L (22 miles) Turbocharged Diesel : 1,800HP (24.4kW), 1,200HP (25.9kW, all electric) Electric Powertrain: 2HP (21 miles), 2.0HP (23 miles) 3.8HP (27 miles) Motor Drive (Transmission) : 3.0hp (30 miles) 2.4hp (32 miles) Gas Engine: 2hp (34 miles) Diesel Engine: 0.4HP (36 miles) Total Fuel Consumption : 6,800L/100kW (7,500L/km), 9,800l/100KW (10,800k/km) Mazzaras fuel consumption figures are based on an average of four cars on the road and are not guaranteed to be accurate.

The car maintenance guide also notes that maintenance and repairs are carried out in accordance with the Mazda Automotive Maintenance Plan.