When Car Maintenance Chicago closes, thousands of jobs go. The story of how it happened

Car Maintenance Chicago, the company that built the city’s largest auto repair center in Chicago, announced on Thursday that it is closing, with the loss of about 20,000 jobs.

The announcement comes as President-elect Donald Trump has called for a tax break on auto maintenance companies and has promised to impose a 25% tax on them. 

Car Maintenance Chicago said that in January it announced it was planning to close.

The company said the decision was driven by a combination of factors, including its deteriorating financial position and the changing economics of the auto industry.

The closing of the facility will mean about 1,400 people, mostly office and retail workers, will lose their jobs, Car Maintenance said. 

Carmakers are in the midst of an industrywide restructuring that could create tens of thousands of new jobs, but it’s unclear how many of those jobs will be in the auto sector. 

The company said it will keep some parts of the company in operation and will also continue to support its workforce by maintaining some of its offices in the city.