Infiniti’s car maintenance bills are costing it billions of dollars, but the company says it’s not getting enough credit

Cars are an integral part of our lives, but if they are ever going to be replaced, they have to be done right.

The most recent report from the National Automobile Dealers Association shows that Infinifis car maintenance costs have nearly doubled since 2011, from $7.7 billion to $17.5 billion.

The automaker says it needs to pay a $3.6 billion bill for repairs in the first three quarters of this year alone.

The carmakers maintenance bill is $1.4 billion a year, or about 15% of its total revenues.

The company says the increase is due to higher costs, including higher car repairs and insurance premiums.

Infiniti is spending $7 billion a month on maintenance costs to keep its fleet up to date.

The automaker estimates that its car maintenance spending will increase to $25 billion in 2021.

That’s up from $15 billion in 2020.

Infineis cars need to be repaired for at least 15 hours per month, but Infinits maintenance bills don’t include the cost of new equipment, like a new brake pad, brake lights or a new transmission.

Infiniits car maintenance cost will go up for a few more years, as the automaker has to keep up with the demand for cars.

However, it says it will not increase maintenance costs as much as it did last year.

It says the car maintenance savings it is seeing are mainly due to the lower cost of insurance premiums, and the higher repair costs it has to pay for parts and labor.