Honda to update car maintenance dataset with more data, including vehicle speed

Updated August 03, 2018 04:30:13 Honda has updated its car maintenance database to include data on vehicle speed, maintenance cost, mileage and more.

The database will be updated daily starting September 15, 2018 at 6 p.m.

EDT (0030 GMT) and will be available to download through the Honda Car Maintenance website.

The new dataset will also include data related to the car’s health status, the amount of time it has been out of service, vehicle and owner attributes and more, according to Honda.

The update comes at a time when the company has been in a financial crunch.

In November, Honda announced that its annual profit for 2019 was only $2.9 billion, down 9.4 percent from the same period last year.

Honda’s shares fell nearly 3 percent on Monday.

Honda has been battling with a new wave of recalls for the 2018 Honda Fit and the 2019 Honda Fit Hybrid, which were the first of a number of recalls the company was expected to launch in 2018.

The recall was due to a faulty part in the Fit’s fuel tank and an air bag inflator that may have inflamed the airbag and caused the air bag to fire, according the New York Times.